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Never forget the triumphs and the sacrifices of the resilient Syrian people. Remember.



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دمشق - داريا ٢٤-١١-٢٠١٢ on Flickr.

#Daraya, the resilient city… #Syria

حلب - حلب ١٠-١١-٢٠١٢ on Flickr.

Aleppo, November 11, 2012

The column and the kitten…

ادلب - بنش ١٩-١٠-٢٠١٢ on Flickr.

Binnish, Idlib, Syria

October 19, 2012

I am Muslim and I love the Christian faith and respect all religions and sects…

Word of advice - Let everyone think the sam way and you will see how the Future Syria will become…

Binnishi Son of Future Syria

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